Information 显示 at stops and stations are a major point of contact for every passenger. 凭借十大可靠彩票平台的技术, you can guarantee excellent availability and readability for your information in versatile outdoor and indoor conditions.

  • TFT液晶 显示 designed and certified for the most challenging outdoor environments to provide outstanding readability for your information
  • 全彩色RGB LED 显示 to ensure that your message will be noticed even from a far distance. 发现 how we have renewed these 显示 for city traffic!
  • 单色LED 显示 providing an excellent solution when readability of text-only content must be maximized
  • 电子纸显示器 offering diverse powering solutions, including solar power and long-life batteries, that allow positioning them to various locations and even in off-grid environments. 在这里你可以找到 our customers’ most frequenctly asked questions about them.

关键 好处

Excellent readability and visualisation of content

Our display offer excellent readability for content from all viewing angles. Their high brightness and contrast guarantee that the information is easily readable from long distances. The full colour RGB LED 显示 are also a first-rate choice for applications where different colours are used for information visualisation.

Outstanding reliability in operation

Our display designed for smooth and reliable operation in the most demanding environments at stations and platforms. They have a wide operating temperature range and the housing is highly protected against wheather and other external impacts.


Our 显示 are equipped with an industrial PC and intelligent diagnostic unit with versatile features that monitors display performance and operations in real time. The information can be used for preventive maintenance to ensure seamless operation of the 显示 in field.


Our 显示 are designed for a long lifetime of over 10 years. Only industrial high quality components are used to ensure long-lasting service-free operation of the device and feature such as low energy consumption allows you to keep operational costs in control.

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All our stationary systems are designed for the delivery of an excellent door-to-door experience to passengers.